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Hi! I’m Heather, part intuitive, heart-centered coach who builds thriving relationships, and part savvy, left-brained strategist who builds profitable businesses.
I’m on a mission to show more entrepreneurial couples and families in business together that it is possible (and despite popular belief, quite simple) to have both the best of both worlds—happy, healthy relationships and unstoppable businesses.

If you’re an:

  • Entrepreneur
  • The spouse of an entrepreneur
  • An entrepreneurial couple
  • Or the member of a family business

Then you’re in the right spot.

Here, you’ll find relationship and business coaching programs and services that will transform your entire life…guaranteed.

If you’re looking for the right person to rescue your relationship and/or business, it’s in your best interest to hire someone who…

I successfully launched, operated, managed, and sold a seven-figure behavioral health organization alongside my husband and now own Heather A. Powell, LLC/Power Couple Success, a successful coaching practice.
I know how stressful it can be to be deep down in the trenches every day with your spouse managing a business amidst the competing priorities of life. I also know how easy it is for a business to take a massive toll on a relationship, and how simple it is for a jeopardized relationship to chip away at the foundation of a business.
After being in business with my husband, experiencing the unique set of challenges associated with family business ownership, and learning that our own issues are very common in the entrepreneurial world, I made it my priority to dive deep into the characteristics of successful family businesses and thriving relationships so that I could gain the insight and create the necessary strategies that would help other couples and families thrive. When my husband and I applied this insight to our own business, the results were mind-blowing. As a result of investing in our partnership, our productivity, profitability and personal and professional satisfaction skyrocketed and we were able to sell our business and launch new businesses that aligned with our newfound passions.
The challenges that arise when working alongside your spouse or your family members are very different from the challenges that arise in atypical relationship or at a typical place of employment. That’s why bringing on a coach who has solid experience in both family therapy and business should be a non-negotiable requirement. I hold a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and have training and experience in personal and executive coaching. As I mentioned, I also launched, operated, managed and sold a seven-figure behavioral health organization alongside my husband and now manage a prosperous coaching practice.

If you’re ready to rediscover the relationship you crave or rebuild the business you desire, click below to learn more about my services:

Professional Biography

Heather Powell holds a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Mrs. Powell has integrated her expertise in interpersonal dynamics and family systems with additional training in personal and executive coaching. Prior to launching Heather A. Powell, LLC/Power Couple Success, Mrs. Powell launched and operated a seven-figure behavioral health organization with her husband that employed 50 team members.